Couch to 10km: week 6

This was my first week of doing the Couch to 10km programme, although I jumped in at week 6, because that’s roughly where I’m at in terms of my progression.

Overall, it’s gone pretty well. I have had a tiny bit of soreness in my Achilles and plantar fascia, but nothing worrying. And I’ve found that going to bed early (by 9pm), drinking lots of water, and having a day or two’s break between runs has really helped with recovery.

The only thing that happened today is, I tweaked a spot on the outer side of my right calf (gastroc). I could feel it getting tight near the end of my run. Nothing too worrying though. I’ll take a couple of days off, do some gentle active-isolated stretching and a bit of foam rolling, and it’ll come right.

The key here is to listen to my body. 👣