Couch to 10km

I’m going to follow the Couch to 10km programme again. I like it for a few reasons:

  • It uses the run/walk method, which I think is a really good way to get into barefoot running and minimise the chance of injury. Admittedly, I’ve gotten injured the last couple of times I’ve tried it, but that was pretty much down to pushing ahead to later weeks before I was ready. My Achilles are feeling pretty good this time round, and I’ll only progress as I feel ready.
  • Although you start with very short running intervals, you very quickly progress to times and distances that feel like real running.
  • It’s only three days a week, which isn’t a big commitment and gives your body a chance to recover between runs.
  • It incorporates rest (reduced time/distance) weeks.

I’m starting at week 6 because that’s pretty close (equivalent) to where I’m at in terms of my intervals.

Sixty minutes (the implied final run time) won’t equate to 10kms for me; probably more like 7.5, because I’m even slower than I used to be. (I have to be with my SVT.) But I’ll be happy if I get to that point, and 10kms won’t be far off. 👣