Sunrise run at Waterview

Sunrise at Waterview

This morning, I went for a run at about 6.30 at the Waterview Shared Path. The sun was coming up, it was cool, and there were even wild rabbits hopping about.

It went well.

I’m using a run/walk approach at the moment. Today I did six minutes running and one minute walking, five times. So I did a total of 30 minutes running and about 45 minutes barefooting overall (including the walking breaks and a five minute warm up and cool down at the beginning and end). My soles and Achilles feel pretty good, so I’m happy.

On the Achilles front, the thing I’m experimenting with this time round is not stretching. Previously, I’ve done Active Isolated Stretching, which I do think is incredibly valuable (compared to static stretching) for gaining flexibility, but I do wonder whether it’s aggravated my Achilles in the past when they’ve been a bit on the edge. So, I’m forgoing it for now. I may introduce it later when I’m confident my Achilles have well and truly survived the transition back into running.

On another note, I got my second passerby comment (can’t remember what the first one was) since I started barefooting again, from a guy running the other way: “Oh, barefoot. That’s keen!” 👣

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